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JonGreenbergAAUPJon Greenberg is an award-winning public high school teacher and Contributing Writer for Everyday Feminism. Creator and facilitator of the curriculum once named Citizenship and Social Justice, he has dedicated his career to social justice and civic engagement for nearly 20 years. Greenberg gained broader recognition for standing up for the study of race – with widespread support from community – while a school district attempted to stifle it.

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Teaching Accolades

  • Courage in the Pursuit of Social Justice Award (2015) for “[my] courage in undoing racism in Seattle public schools classrooms, despite administrative attempts to interrupt [my] work,” chosen by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), University of Washington Chapter
  • The Mayor’s Award and Proclamation (2013), chosen by the Seattle Human Services Coalition and won by members of the Center School community who fought for the reinstatement of the race and gender curricula–including Courageous Conversations
  • Crosscut Courage Award Nominee (2013), nominated by an unknown source
  • Three-time Center School Teacher of the Month for Excellence in the Classroom (March 2012, January 2012, and one month in 2011), chosen by Principal Britsova during the two years she offered this recognition
  • Seattle University MIT Program Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award (2010), chosen by the Seattle University MIT faculty
  • Seahawks, Symetra Heroes in the Classroom (2008), nominated by Principal Vance
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace Award (2007), selected by the City of Seattle and the Seattle Center and won by the political activism group I facilitated, Students Inspiring Political Activism
  • Stewardship Award (2005), chosen by the Seattle Human Services Coalition
  • Paul Robeson Peace and Justice Youth of the Year Award (2005), won by Citizenship and Social Justice juniors
  • Seattle Student Voices Civics Award (2004), won by Citizenship and Social Justice juniors in a civics fair competition
  • Voices and Faces of Civic Participation Recognition (2004), selected by the Seattle City Club

Jon Greenberg And His Work in The News

Press Coverage of Civic Engagement Projects

  • “What Democracy Looks Like,” Real Change WhatDemocracyLooksLike

Press Coverage of the Seattle Race Curriculum Controversy

Thank you to the Courageous Curriculum Coalition for compiling most of the following news stories. For a brief summary of the case, visit here: Race Curriculum Controversy.

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