Thank you to everyone who showed support the past couple of years.

Thank you to those who:ZachMeyerShirtPicture2014

  • Shared your experiences as part of the Race Panel
  • Wrote to district leadership
  • Called district leadership
  • Attended a school board meeting
  • Testified to the Seattle School Board
  • Signed a petition
  • Distributed a petition
  • Voted for union resolutions of support
  • Met with district leaders
  • Gave graduation speeches
  • Wore an unforgettable t-shirt under your graduation gown
  • Formed a coalition
  • Conducted an independent investigation
  • Mobilized organizations across Seattle (and beyond)
  • Served as a witness during arbitration
  • Discussed the case
  • Presented the case at the Northwest Conference on Teaching for Social Justice and at Seattle University’s Master in Teaching program
  • Covered the case as a journalist
  • Discussed issues of race because of the case
  • Created a documentary about the case
  • Set up this website (Joriel Foltz, the amazing freelance writer!)
  • Or supported someone who did any of these actions

Special thanks to the Class of 2013 and the and the past decade of Center School community members, whose inspirational efforts will always be remembered and appreciated. Your support has proven that, despite all that happened, teaching is still one of the most rewarding professions.

And special thanks to Gerardine Carroll, the best support a friend could hope for and the best unpaid legal counsel one could ask for.

And, of course, special thanks to my family, Jess and Zinn, who sacrificed much so that I could fight this battle.

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