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Here’s Your Proof That White Americans Don’t Face Systemic Racism

The walls of White denial regarding institutional racism are formidable. Here are talking points to help break them down.

How To Support Black Lives Matter In Our Schools – Now Is The Time To Act

An unprecedented action supporting Black Lives Matter is taking place in our schools. To make sure it is a success, we need your help!

How White Americans’ Hatred of Racism Can Actually Support and Protect Racism

Dear well-intentioned White America: your hatred of racism may not be helping; in fact, it could be hurting. I unravel the paradox in this article.

The Case for Gender Studies

I have been working hard to expand ethnic studies in our schools, but we also need gender studies. Here are eight reasons why.

Why Homelessness Is One of the Most Urgent Issues of Our Time

Despite the recent efforts of media in Seattle (#seahomeless) and San Francisco (SF Homeless Project) to highlight the severity of homeless in our communities, homelessness continues to be ignored by too many candidates. Here’s why we need to change that reality.

The Weapon Increasingly Used to Shut Down Anti-racist Teaching – And My Polemic Against It

There’s a weapon increasingly used to shut down racial dialogue: accusations of divisiveness. Here’s why that argument needs some serious rethinking.

Defending Social Justice Teaching at Seattle’s MLK Day Celebration

For those in the Seattle area, please join us for this important panel prior to the 34th Annual MLK Day Rally and March.

White Privilege Revisited

Much has been written about White Privilege–so much that I was hesitant to add yet another article on the topic. But current events made a compelling case to revisit it, which I tried to do through my latest Everyday Feminism article.

The Story of the Seattle Race Curriculum Controversy Finally in Print

It’s finally here: the story of the Seattle Race Curriculum Controversy in print (at least 1700 words of it, anyway).

Upcoming Speaking Engagement at the Northwest Conference on Teaching for Social Justice

On Saturday, October 17th–at the Northwest Conference on Teaching for Social Justice–Sooz Stahl, Gerardine Carroll, and I will again be teaming up to tell the story of the Race Curriculum Controversy.

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